Portfolio Building Masterclass

Learn how to build professional portfolios

April 2024

Portfolio Building Masterclass

You may have seen some of the portfolios we’ve been running over the last year that have been posted in the Trade View X Chat. 
Now, due to hugely popular demand from our clients, our trader Rey will be running a Portfolio Building Masterclass in the first week of April.
We already have a number of people registered to attend. 
It will be a 1-2 hour online event where Rey will:
  • Show how we select appropriate algos for a portfolio.
  • Show techniques for constructing portfolios  (including selecting symbols & timeframes).
  • Walk through testing and optimising a portfolio.
  • Take you through the process of running a portfolio in X-Manager.
  • Discuss how we look at exposure risk in algos.
  • Test the algos in a demo environment to gain greater insight (e.g. identify margin use).
You will:
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the session to maximise your learning.
  • Walk away with the portfolio we build on the night
Whether you are already running models in Demo or Live, or are yet to run any models with us, this Masterclass is a MUST ATTEND event.
It will be invaluable to your development as a trader.
Class size will be limited, so please call in to the desk on 03 8658 4389 or register below ASAP so that we can organise your booking.

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