Market Brief


Economic Calendar

Glossary of terms

AU200 Hits New Highs

Cryptocurrency Market Volatility Analysis

Market Dynamics Impacting AUD and JPY

Crypto Market Analysis

Sterling Outlook: UK Jobs, Growth Data, and US Focus

Sterling Outlook: UK Jobs, Growth Data, and US Focus

Australian Dollar Strengthens, US Dollar Remains Subdued

Ethereum Market Dynamics

Forex Market Analysis

Currency Markets Update

Currency Markets Update

USD Strength

US Dollar & Eurozone Dynamics

Anticipating AUD Employment Data

Gold Price Momentum – Record Highs

USD Strength and Its Consequences on GBP/USD Performance

Economic Impact of Iron Ore Price Plunge

Market Sentiment and Currency Performance

Quiet Week in Markets with Key Data Releases

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis

AUDUSD Key Events in Focus

Market Highlights

Aussie Braces for Retail Numbers as Greenback Bounces

Early 2024 Challenges: Japan Earthquake and Market Dynamics

Federal Reserve’s Stance on Rate Cuts and Economic Normalisation

DAX’s Recent Performance and Near-Term Outlook

Inflation’s Grip on Market Sentiment

Financial Markets React to Moody’s U.S. Credit Outlook Downgrade

Challenges Facing U.S. Stock Markets Amid Rising Yields and Geopolitical Tensions

What is the RBA’s next move

Geopolitical Impact on Financial Markets

NZDUSD Surges by 1% as US Dollar Sustains Strong Momentum Against Multiple Currencies

Upcoming Federal Reserve’s Interest Rate Decision

US Dollar reaches yearly resistance levels

US Dollar gains

High Volatility News Week for the US Dollar

Market Turmoil Escalates as SPX500 Posts Steepest Drop Since March

Impact of Strong US Dollar and Weakening Yen on Flat Markets.

The DAX has risen 2% in the past week closing above the all time highs.

ASX Maintains its uptrend as traders await upcoming Inflation Rate numbers

Is the Weakening US Dollar Set to Persist, Fueling Optimism for Gold Bulls?

Impact of Upcoming US Inflation Rate on Market Sentiment 

The first $3 Trillion valuation 

Crypto’s Impressive Surge  

DAX Breakout and SPX strength

The US Jobs Market Remains Very Strong

Greenback Strength Returns

Debt ceiling talk boosts markets

Range-bound mania

The Fed suggests their hiking is done

Another central bank bonanza

Volatility has taken a dive

Another earnings season is upon us

Quiet Easter markets

Eyes move from Credit Suisse to Deutsche

An important FOMC week

Jittery markets…

Eyes return to J Powell

Volatility returns to markets

Fed officials stay hawkish

A data dependent Fed

Jobs report runs hot in the US

The stage is set for a big week

Another SPX rejection at trend resistance

Gold and BTC rip higher

A slow start to the year for markets

A hawkish end to the year for central banks

A central bank bonanza in store

Friday’s NFP report came in hotter than expected

NFP’s and the Fed in focus

Crypto markets take a breather

Third largest crypto exchange files for bankruptcy

A hawkish Fed continues to be more hawkish

Another important Fed week awaits

BoJo to return?

Is a US recession coming?

FX volatility remains high

UK markets crash

Equity markets endure worst week in months

All eyes turn to US CPI

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