Market Brief


Economic Calendar

Glossary of terms

Another earnings season is upon us

Quiet Easter markets

Eyes move from Credit Suisse to Deutsche

Eyes move from Credit Suisse to Deutsche

An important FOMC week

Jittery markets…

Eyes return to J Powell

Volatility returns to markets

Fed officials stay hawkish

A data dependent Fed

Jobs report runs hot in the US

The stage is set for a big week

Another SPX rejection at trend resistance

Gold and BTC rip higher

A slow start to the year for markets

A hawkish end to the year for central banks

A central bank bonanza in store

Friday’s NFP report came in hotter than expected

NFP’s and the Fed in focus

Crypto markets take a breather

Third largest crypto exchange files for bankruptcy

A hawkish Fed continues to be more hawkish

Another important Fed week awaits

BoJo to return?

Is a US recession coming?

FX volatility remains high

UK markets crash

Equity markets endure worst week in months

All eyes turn to US CPI

Markets ready for a hawkish ECB

Hawkish Fed rhetoric sinks stocks

Another Jackson Hole meet awaits

Equity markets remain bullish

The US labour market is on fire

The US enters a ‘recession’

Fed, earnings and economic data releases

ECB set to make a move?

Earnings season kicks off this week

Eyes on Friday’s NFP report

Scaled back rate-hike expectations cause rally in equities

Cryptos have been crashing

Signs are pointing towards economic slowdowns in the US and Europe

Oil advances for a sixth consecutive week

Bear market rallies can be ferocious

Australia has a new government

Another crypto crash

Markets remain highly volatile

It’s a ‘big’ Fed week

Markets continue to be spooked by an extremely hawkish Fed

Bond yields continue to drive markets

Inflation continues to tick higher

Weekend reports suggest progress in peace talks

Markets back within striking distance of all-time highs

Equities bounce back

Commodities have been flying as the Nickel market forced to close

Markets react to the economic impact of war

War is upon us…

It’s a headline-driven market right now…

Is war imminent?

A red hot NFP report

Busy week ahead for the economic calendar

Risk-off sentiment dominates global markets

39-year high inflation in the US

Markets kick off the year with volatility

The biggest and final FOMC of the year

A hawkish Fed…

Countries are scrambling to slow down the spread of the new variant

New lockdowns announced in Austria

US inflation the highest since 1990…

US equity markets power on…

Eyes on the Bank of England

Another month, another dovish ECB?

Markets are back within reach of All Time Highs

Bitcoin has taken off…

The S&P posts its worst month since March 2020

China’s Evergrande takes centre stage

It’s central bank week

The ECB makes the first ‘tapering’ move

The DAX is expanding!

The threat of new lockdowns looms in the U.S as Delta takes over…

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